John Koster

Representing the 39th District

Welcome to my website. It is a great honor to again serve the citizens of the 39th District in the state House of Representatives.

When I left the Legislature in 2000 after six years in the House, our two-year state budget was $20.5 billion with a population of 5.9 million. In 17 years, the state has nearly doubled its spending to $38 billion, yet Washington’s population has not doubled — growing only 18 percent to 7.2 million. It is time to once again reduce the size and scope of government, make it efficient, hold it accountable, and ensure it is responsible and responsive to all citizens.

Working together, we can provide a better education for our children without raising taxes, fix our broken transportation system, protect your personal freedoms, reduce excessive regulations, open the doors to more private sector jobs, and ensure safer communities and neighborhoods.

Your involvement is important to our legislative process. I welcome your questions and comments.

Rep. John Koster
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